Why choose Top Dec Painting Ltd

Often, it starts with a conversation on one of the streets of London.

People spot us working in the neighbourhood, like what they see, introduce themselves and tell us about the job they have in mind. Or they take a photo of our sign and give us a call. And – most common of all – we are recommended by someone you know and trust.

Here’s what happens after that. We:

  1. Visit to discuss your job – usually within 48 hours of hearing from you
  2. Send you an estimate of costs and provisional start date
  3. Discuss the detail if you are happy to go ahead – we work together to choose colours, materials, processes etc
  4. Give you a written quotation so we are all clear about the work being done and the price
  5. Start your job on the agreed date. Our working hours are flexible, but usually 8am – 4pm, and we sometimes work on weekends (within building regulations)
  6. Photograph the progress on your job at all key stages – and share our pictures, so you can see what’s happening in places that are not easily visible to the naked eye
  7. Ensure you are 100% satisfied with the completed project
  8. Hope you will tell your friends and neighbours we did a great job!

Payment & Terms

  • Shortly before we begin your job, we will ask you to send us 10% of the agreed quotation price
  • Depending on the value of the work, we usually agree to staged payments. On small jobs, we invoice on completion
Decorators Primrose Hill

Our Team:

“I met Chris when we were working on a block of flats, tasked with painting the stairwells,”  Billy remembers.  “He was the project manager, and his standards were very high, which meant I was actually encouraged do my best work.  Some painters hated this, because they just wanted an easy life.  But it wasn’t long before I made sure I was on his other projects, too.  I followed him like a shadow!”


Chris takes up the story.  “We realised we shared similar professional values.  Perhaps most important of all, we’re not interested in doing a quick job.  Only a great job.  In our opinion, that’s what you’re remembered for.  It was a natural thing for us to start our own business.   And when we were called onto a job in Primrose Hill – sorting out an external paint job that had failed to survive even a single winter – people started asking us to quote for work.  We’ve never looked back.”


“I trained to become an architectural draftsman, but three years in, I realised sitting behind a desk wasn’t for me.  I’d been painting rooms by way of a hobby since I was a teenager, so I enrolled at Vauxhall Building College and passed my City & Guilds.  I’ve worked for major developers such as Balfour Beatty on new builds, but my real job satisfaction comes from looking after older buildings.  Step by step, from the preparation, rubbing down, filling, priming, refilling, spot painting, sanding, and – finally – applying the paint, I absolutely love making something that needed a touch of TLC look beautiful again.”


“I was lucky enough to be accepted as a trainee by the Camelia Botnar Foundation in Sussex when I was sixteen.  It’s almost like a boarding school, and you go to learn a specific trade.  I was there, along with fifty others, for almost four years, joining the Painting and Decorating team.  With hindsight, it was a fantastic apprenticeship, because I learned about self discipline and making the most of your opportunities. I gained a skill that means I’ve never been out of work, and the confidence to set up TopDec in Primrose Hill with Chris.  My favourite part of the job?  You’ll laugh, but it’s cleaning windows.  It’s a small finishing touch, but all the small touches add up to a big difference.  It gives me huge job satisfaction when a client says, You’ve made it look wonderful!’